About Mr. Chris

Real name:

None of your business!

Current Status:

DJ & Master of Ceremonies for many nightlife and Concert events in Las Vegas, as well as touring far and wide when I want a break from Vegas.

Spinning since:


Favorite place to listen:

Amsterdam, Atlanta, Miami, NYC, LA , and most clubs here in Vegas. Always picking up something new!

Favorite place to play

Crown Theater. It gives me the showcase large enough to run full steam as a VJ. The walls of the unique and large venue are covered with enormous video screens so I am not merely spinning audio tracks, but mixing, and crushing videos from my favorites which adds a whole new level to my performances. Plus the stage that goes out into the round of the crowd floor gives me great access to the people and the party when I am on the mic.

Past gigs:

I have played in almost every city in this country. 200 clubs nationwide and many on European soil.


The Clash, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Sisters of Mercy, Z Trip, Benny Benassi, Deadmau5


Serato Scratch Live, Technics 1200s, Rane TTM57-SL, 17″ Mac Book Pro, Novation Dicers, Ortofon Cartridges


Mr Chris started out in the mix working out of his home city of LA before he was old enough to even be a customer in the clubs he worked at. After a couple years cutting his teeth, he went on a whirlwind of a nationwide tour that lasted 3 years without a break. Having toured 95% of the continental USA, he picked up a ton of exposure, experience, and style. Having worked in small towns to the largest metropolis, he adapted and evolved into the DJ he is today. Able to work with any venue and it’s clientele, and the confidence and authority to command and run any room to its maximum potential. After years on nonstop touring he tired of sleeping in hotels, and needed a change – and moved to Vegas “the last city I could make road money $$$ at and have a real home life”…

He grew up with a love for vinyl – listening to his early record collections ranging from the Beatles, to Berlin, to AC/DC to Judas Priest. His first love will always be for Rock N Roll.

Today you can find him Emceeing and hosting big concert events, award shows, and spinning every Friday & Saturday outside on the Las Vegas Strip at Fat Bar Las Vegas (across the Blvd from Monte Carlo). Depending on the night, his sets include Tourist Anthems, House, Hip-Hop, Urban, Top 40, 80s/90s, and Hard Rock. With his enormous presence (6′ 9″ tall!), unique character, and his ability to always cater to the event, remain true to the crowd, and self promote himself on every level – he is a club owner and club crowd favorite worldwide.

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