Mickey Avalon show

Posted 19 May 2011 in DJ / VJ, Emcee, Events, Las Vegas, Master of Ceremonies

Last week I got to Emcee/host the Mickey Avalon concert. What a trip.

First off, I was hosting with Tiffany Masters. She runs a modeling / entertainment agency called cabana candy. It is her job to host events, and bring a pack of hot young ladies. And I thought my job was awesome!…. Hosting with Tiffany was great. She provided the give and take balance to the mic work, so it wasnt just me yelling at a big crowd to get them going. She brought in her entourage of MTV reality personalities, beautiful young women, and BJ Penn the local fighter done good. Was a great event to run!

As far as Mickey’s show goes – here are my thoughts. I was surprised at how small he is. I know I am a legal giant and all, but he is a slight man. small in height and in weight. but that doesnt matter. He was very gracious and an all around cool guy. He was also (as you might expect) high as a kite lol. He put on a good show, playing all the hits you would expect. His DJ was pretty talented. respect. The funny thing about the crowd was the unique mix of drunk girls at the front row. It was definitely above average. And funny enough, Mickey would crawl around on the stage and make out with just about every one of em. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Unless it’s Hep-C…

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  1. Brandie Belair (23 Jun 2011, 16:09)

    LOVES IT!!!!!!!!!! ;)

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