Novation Dicers review

So I am about 4-5 weeks into using my Novation Dicers. And without beating around the bush, let me just say that If you are a Serato Scratch Live DJ, these are absolutely mandatory. I can’t even imagine going back to spinning without them.

In a nutshell, they are a pair of small midi devices made specifically to run with Serato Scratch Live. Everything about these add-ons was designed and executed well. For us vinyl DJs they sit right into the corners of the decks with a male piece on the bottom of the dicers that slide directly into the 45 adapter slot on your Technics or other. If you run CDJs or off laptop only, you can use the included removable putty to stick em right on your CDJs or laptop at your convenience.

The buttons are a series of 5 “dice”, they are extremely responsive and have a good “feel” when using them. The buttons come with 5 modes, 3 of them pre-mapped.

Mode #1 is red, and for cue-points. This allows you the power to do 2 things. A) set cue points on a live track from your decks B) recall these cue points with the touch of the appropriate dicer button. No more reaching for your mouse, or multi button keyboard moves!

Mode #2 is Green, and for my new favorite toy – Loop Roll function. This used to be a (3) button keyboard move, now its ready and available at your fingertips with the push of a single button. Loop Roll is when you temporarily loop a part of the song, and when the loop is released, the playhead jumps back to its normal position as if a loop had never been set. In order for this to work, the BPM must be set in the BPM column. It offers a great goodie to the bag of tricks!

Mode#3 is Amber, and is for the Standard Loop function. Again, this was a (2) button keyboard combination broken down to a native single button at your fingertips. It uses the beat measurements you currently have displayed on your scratch live software on the appropriate deck, and with the dicer buttons 1-5 you can tap once to begin the loop, tap again to have to loop end at the end of the loop cycle. Button 1 would be the shortest loop value, Button 5 would be the longest. Again the BPM must be set for the track.

Modes 4&5 are empty and awaiting you to assign them roles in the Midi setup screen. This gives you (10) buttons per deck to freely customize to your needs, for example to turn effects on and off, or scroll through track lists/crates.

All in all, these Novation Dicers are a WIN-WIN versus many other midi controllers. The ease of installation, and the design allowing them to sit ON the turntable/CDJ is what really makes them golden. To have access to all of these features ON your turntable is priceless. If you are like me, you like to work on the decks, and mixer. not the keyboard or an additional device off to the side!

The price? mine were $89 USD with free shipping. Sooooo worth it! Go out and get em!

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